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Community is good for both people and businesses. Unfortunately, many apartment residents feel entirely disconnected from their neighbors.

Apartment Life Coordinators help apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in meaningful relationships. This, in turn, benefits everybody - from the residents' well-being and the apartment community's bottom line.  Changing business. Changing lives. 

Modern Apartment Building

In 2021, we relocated from Utah to Bellevue, sensing God's leading to join what He was doing through Awakening Church and Apartment Life. We aim to sow gospel seeds and dependently watch God soften the "cultural soil" as we intentionally live out the great commission. We enjoy biking, hiking, and discovering local coffee shops.

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Ben & Abby Sparks


The more we make ourselves available to people, the more they make themselves available. We can make Christ known to others by intentionally conversing and listening to people. Listening allows us to learn about and from them; the more we learn about them, the more we care for them. It can be as simple as a follow-up conversation when we bump into them in the hallway next, putting smiles on their faces. They are known and know we care. They aren't just residents at an apartment complex; they are image bearers of Christ that have no greater need than a relationship with Him. 


By displaying the love of God at our three monthly social events, conversations lead to gospel declarations. Awakening Church, we have an opportunity that only requires love for God, love for people, and availability. Apartment life is a fantastic opportunity that God has given us to engage our city, and we need your help.


Please get in touch with Ben & Abby Sparks and let them know when you are available to serve at one of the events. Eternity is at stake, and God has placed us here for such a time as this.

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