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Light of Love began in May 2017 to fight on behalf of people without hope. God gave us the vision to love the unloveable, see the unseen, and embrace the forgotten. Our hearts break for those with few options in life. We desire to be used as God's instrument of compassion to those who have felt rejected, abused, and reprehensible. We want to reach the lost by going places that most people would avoid and letting people know there is a God who loves them, and as long as there is breath in their lungs - there is hope for a brighter future.

Our mission is to display and declare the incarnate love of Jesus to sex workers, addicts, and those living on the streets. We want to help mend the broken and strained relationships with God by forming non-judgemental relationships with people and walking alongside them right where they are as the Holy Spirit works in their lives.

We see people through the eyes of grace and compassion and meet physical and spiritual needs by partnering with other local organizations and creating space for discipleship moments. 


What We Do:

Weekly Strip Club Outreach

  • We go to strip clubs weekly in the greater Seattle area to bring gifts, build relationships, offer prayer, resources, and the gospel. Additionally, we are part of the Strip Church Seattle team, which visits 7-10 strip clubs in the area. Learn more about Strip Church Seattle.

Monthly Homeless Outreach

  • We provide food, supplies, and supplements to the homeless community in the greater Seattle area while sharing the gospel and prayer. 

Quarterly Porn Industry Outreach

  • We partner with Jesus Loves Sex Workers at quarterly adult entertainment conventions. We host a booth and share the love of Jesus and build relationships with people in the industry.

Where We are Heading:
Weekly Strip Club Outreach
  • We are expanding from outreach events to providing services, group events, mentoring, resources and education to pave the way to a new future.​ We need your help not only to meet those directly impacted by the sex industry and sex trafficking but to help them find a way forward.