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We recognize that we are completely incapable of transforming the city apart from God working powerfully in and through us. Thus, we want to be a people on our knees, asking God to pour out His Spirit on the people of Bellevue. 


When God came to us in the flesh, He came to serve. We not only want to declare the Gospel, but we also want to display the Gospel by following after Jesus and serving those who don’t yet know Him. We’ll do this by coming alongside the poor and broken as we get to know them, help meet their needs, and disciple them.  We will pursue reconciliation between divided cultures and races by getting involved in the community and identifying needs. 


We want to talk about the gospel in normal, everyday life. We have seen God’s cross, grace, and kingdom working powerfully in our lives and want to be a witness to what we have seen and heard.


Jesus gave us the command to “go and make disciples.”  Ultimately, that is the only way to transform a city. The city won’t be transformed unless its people are transformed…and its people won’t be transformed unless they come to know and trust Jesus. So we want to help the people of Seattle grow in loving God and others.