The purpose of this resource is to help your family, City Group, or a few friends experience many of the elements we do together when we gather in Bellevue.

-Pick someone to do the readings and prayers or take turns.
-Participate in all the elements below. They work together, we promise.
-We recommend turning mobile devices horizontal for use of this guide.
-Remove distractions like other devices, pets, noise, etc

The Call of the Disciple

Follow Me. These were Jesus' instructions to his disciples. He didn’t tell them where they’re going. He didn’t tell them what assignment He had for them, because His primary call on you is not to do something, it is to be with Him and to become like Him. 

And to know Him, you gotta spend time with Him. And to spend time with Him means that you soak in every single word that comes out of His mouth. And as you are following Him, you are going to have moments in your life where you have to decide what holds greater sway over your life. To follow Jesus means you subject everything in your life to His lordship. You forsake all that He has forbidden, and you pursue all that He as prescribed unconditionally. 

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus says, “And I will make you a fisher of men.” This is an essential part of being a disciple. It’s not something that a few of us do. It is something, according to Jesus, that all of us do. In fact, Jesus says if this is not a part of what you do then you’re not really my disciple.


John 15:8, “By this is my Father glorified that you bear much fruit.” Watch this. “And so, prove to me, my disciples.” How you gonna prove you’re His disciple? You’re gonna bear fruit spiritually. You’re gonna reproduce spiritually, which means that if you are really His disciple, this is gonna be a part of your life, and if you’re not reproducing spiritually, you have good reason to question whether or not you are actually a disciple at all. 

Awakening Church, the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us in Matthew 28:19 is the last thing He said before He ascended into heaven. “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND MAKE DISCIPLES…Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I’ve commanded you.” There’s only one verb in that sentence, and it’s make disciples…which means THAT is the center of all the going, the baptizing and the teaching ... 

The center is making disciples, which means that in everything else that we do as a church and everything we do as a Christian, the core of what we do is the one verb He gave us, which is to make disciples.

The greatest of all suffering is eternal suffering, which people who are outside of Jesus experience. Which means, yes, give your life to meet needs. Give your life to relieve suffering. But as a disciple of Jesus, know that the greatest needs you can meet and the greatest suffering that you can relieve is the need of people to hear about Jesus and to experience the salvation of Jesus. So, in all that you do make sure the controlling verb is making disciples. 

Robert Coleman, who wrote a book called The Master Plan of Evangelism, says. “When will the church learn this lesson? Preaching to the masses, although necessary, will never suffice in the work of preparing leaders for evangelism. Nor can occasional prayer meetings and training classes for Christian workers do this job. Nor can occasional prayer meetings and training classes for Christian workers do this job… Individual women and men are God’s method and it requires constant personal attention."



Identify Your ONE! What if every single one of us committed to bring one person to faith in Jesus Christ this year? Begin (or continue) praying for your your 1 as you live out the 4(D)'s - Depending on Jesus, Displaying His Love, Declaring the Gospel, and Deploying on Mission FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

Worship Through The Preaching of God's Word

Time of Response

Take a few minutes of silence. Allow your own thoughts to quiet and be still. Then pray together with those around you:

Worship by Giving

Giving is an act of worship, and right now, giving supports the ways we are recreating ministry for this unique time, and allows us to keep our team intact. Awakening Church exists to be the catalyst for spiritual awakening in Bellevue and beyond by living the life of a Jesus follower, and that continues when we are unable to meet together in person.


Giving is also an expression of faith that the Father will continue to provide for our every need. We encourage you to stop and thank God for all that He has provided for you in this season, and ask Him what you should give. 


Doubting God seems to come naturally to us. Even in our doubt, we can continue being zealously religious but stop walking by faith. As Pastor Jonah mentioned in his message today...



When God is your trust... all you are focused on is obedience, because he is responsible to hold you up, provide for your needs, take care of you.


  1. Is God your trust today?

  2. Where are you not fully walking by faith?

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