"But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare." Jeremiah 29:7

Jubilee REACH, along with other partners like us want to help provide bags of groceries for families weekly, all of whom are already connected to Jubilee REACH. We aren’t looking to provide 100% of their groceries, but to supplement many of their basic needs, so they can use that money toward other things, like rent, power, phone, etc.
Some of the items need to be purchased in bulk and brought to Jubilee REACH, where they will divide them into portion sizes. Would you be willing to help provide a certain quantity of these items each Tuesday.  At that time, Jubilee REACH will reevaluate the situation.







  • In early June, when the program was extended to August 29, the COVID situation looked to be improving.

  • Instead, numbers have gone up and county stages have halted.

  • The number of families in the program peaked around 680 in late June.

  • It declined to 430 in late July and has now grown to about 700.

  • Some families who left the program in July have come back.

  • The number of families needing help continues and is actually growing.

  • There are currently 716 families in the program and the BSD has more families surfacing as school restarts


  • Program scheduled to go until July 2021.

  • Families will come only one day per week: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, all from 1pm-3pm

    • Most families have already preregistered for V2

  • Boxes of food will be delivered to Jubilee each of those days in the morning from the USDA

    • Each 35 pound box will have dairy, vegetables, fruit and protein

    • Each family will receive on box (families with 8 or more people will receive two boxes)

  • Shoppers will provide a supplemental bag to go with each food box.

    • One grocery bag

    • Dollar value of $15-$20

    • Non-perishables, which are not in the food box.

      • Chips, 1 bag 7-12 oz.      

      • Bread, 1 loaf white or wheat           

      • Chocolate, 1-3 bars, no nuts       

      • Cereal, 1 box     

      • Apple Juice, 1-64 oz. bottle         

      • Flour tortillas, 10 pack   

      • Corn tortillas, 20-30 pack             

      • Toilet paper, 2 rolls, wrapped or in a plastic bag          

    • One or two rotating personal-size hygiene items


  • Delivered directly to Jubilee REACH in the morning, 9am-12pm

    • Early morning or evening delivery are fine; put the bags in front of the back door to Jubilee

  • Churches and partner organizations will be asked to commit to bringing a set amount of groceries, Tue, Wed or Thu, much like was done in V1.

    • Targeting about 200 per day


Pantry Items


The following list is the V2 pantry items being collected in bulk.  Some pantry items in V1 have been eliminated.  Pantry items can be delivered anytime Mon and Fri, as well as 8am-12pm Tue, Wed & Thu.


  • Paper towels

  • Feminine hygiene: pads and tampons

  • Cooking oil (large size)

  • Laundry soap, pods (large container size)

  • Dish soap (large size)

  • Dog food

  • Cat food

  • Cat litter

  • Bulk rice

  • Bulk pinto beans

  • Diapers

  • Baby wipes


Helping More


  • We believe there are families in the community which remain unseen and are in crisis

  • As the school staff returns, hopefully these situations will be uncovered

  • This program could quickly be expanded to help more families




  • There is no known end date for this program, as the crisis simply continues in our community

  • We will watch all indicators very carefully and adjust as appropriate

  • As families can sustain themselves, they will exit the grocery program


Expanded Community Care


  • We believe the relationships built with families could open doors to help families beyond groceries

  • The deepened partnerships with churches could spark more interest from volunteers to help with community care.

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