At Awakening Church, we exist to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Bellevue and beyond by living the life of a Jesus follower.

 If you want to understand our mission, you need to understand what we believe following Jesus is all about. Jesus said “Follow me!” When He spoke these words, what did He mean? He was not offering an invitation to a destination, rather it was an invitation to a relationship with a Person who would radically change one’s way of life.


What was true then is true today. Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Jesus which results in radical life change. Following Jesus is the heart of Christianity. As we study Jesus in the New Testament, we find that his life was all about relationships. First, his relationship with the Father, second, his relationship with his disciples, and third, his relationship with the people who didn’t know God at all.

The life of a Jesus follower is all about relationships!

So how you deepen these relationships and grow as a follower of Jesus?

Answer: The same way you deepen any relationship—TIME. Check out video below:

What is a Jesus follower? Someone who depends on Jesus and the church, Displays the love of Jesus, Declares the life-changing gospel, and Deploys on mission.


How does a Jesus follower spend their time? They spend daily time alone in fellowship with God. They weekly gather in worship with their church. They consistently join in community with a small group from their church. They annually go on mission cross-culturally.

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