Here For The People

It's that time of the year again and our team will be going back to Washington DC with "Jesus Loves Sex Workers" for the Exxxotica Expo. I have been attending Exxxotica with this team for about 18 months now. God has opened up a door for us to minister right on the floor of the largest porn conventions in the US. We have built great relationships with the staff at the expo and we look forward to seeing them several times a year for this traveling event. We will be renting booth space among Exxxotica exhibitors and adult stars to share the love of Jesus and the light of the gospel in this area of spiritual darkness and emptiness.

Last April I was able to establish a better relationship with a prominent person at the Expo. I'll call him Felix. He had told me that there was no way God could love him because of the things he has done and the person he is. I felt a personal call to speak into his identity as beloved by the Father and created in the image of God. I simply spoke words of love and endearment over him to come against the lies and feelings of being hated, rejected, and discarded.

Six months later, I was back at Exxxotica in New Jersey and the Lord arranged a one-on-one meeting for Felix and me before the expo started. He had so many questions about the Word of God. He wanted to know what it said and what it meant. He wanted to talk about the gospel and who Jesus is. He said, “I’ve seen your Facebook and this isn’t your life. You live a really wonderful life back home. Why do you keep coming back to this awful place?” I just smiled and said, “The people… I come for the people. I love them and they are worth it.” At that moment, Felix stood in shock and thanked me. He said, “Thank you for coming here, if you didn’t come to give us this message, then who else would?”

And it couldn’t be more true. Jesus came to seek and save the lost- so will I. We aren’t called to sit and be comfortable, we are called to go and to love just as Jesus came for us and loved us in the midst of our shame and feelings of rejection and brokenness. However, the best part of this story is that as he walked away, I reminded him again of how much Jesus loves the people at Exxxotica. And I told him again how much Jesus loves him. But before I could finish, Felix stopped me to tell me that he understands now how much God loves him. He told me that ever since our talk in April he had decided to find a church in his hometown. Felix said he has been going to church every Sunday and is “crying like a baby every time.” He said he finally understands that he is not worthless and despised but that God actually does love him so much more than he could ever imagine. Felix continued to explain how tired he is of his current lifestyle and really doesn’t feel like he fits in with these anymore. Felix and I continue to talk and he tells me about healthy choices he is making for his life and asks for spiritual encouragement.

Felix is just one testimony of many of the encounters and relationships we have with the people in the sex industry. Excitingly, this is a very common story- people meeting Jesus for the first time at a porn convention as they come to our booth and we display His love and tell them of the hope, joy, and restoration found in Him. However, we can’t do this alone. The financial aspect of this ministry is not something we can sustain on our own.

Would you consider supporting us as we continue to reach many others with the love of Jesus and the light of the gospel?

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