Opening Doors

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This Christmas, during our weekly club outreach, we met Ashley in the dressing room. We did not have a chance to interact with her upon our first meeting. Still, I noticed she was listening to us while we talked to another dancer about joining a Bible study. The following week, I made a point to introduce myself to her. She was super friendly and already had a good sense of who we were and why we were at the club. I was excited to make a new friend. I love hearing that the ladies are familiar with us and our mission before we meet them. It's encouraging to know the ladies feel safe with us by watching our positive interactions with the other dancers, club management, and security.

One evening this month, we arrived at the club while Ashley performed on stage. I had finished my usual rounds in the club and talked to the DJ. When Ashley saw me from the stage, she grabbed her things and walked off. She immediately came up to me and pulled me aside. She let me know that she had been waiting for us because she had something important to discuss with me. She said she had been "having guilty thoughts about dancing" and didn't know what to do or who to talk to. She said she attends church regularly but felt most comfortable talking to us about her recent feelings of guilt. I told her I was happy to meet with her over coffee and talk.

We exchanged numbers and have been communicating over the phone ever since. We have yet to meet in person outside of the club, but we regularly communicate over text and build an authentic relationship. Ashley has been very vulnerable with me, even sharing personal information like her real name. I firmly believe God wants to do spectacular work in the life of this beautiful girl, and I am humbled to be a part of it. Please pray for guidance as I have this conversation and pray for her sensing comfort of the Holy Spirit and love of the Father calling her home.

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