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A Worshiper of God

God created humankind to worship him. Our worship includes cultivating a personal relationship with God, praising God together with other Christians, and honoring God with our everyday lives. The Bible, as the very Word of God, enables us to know God and teaches us how to worship him. Disciples of Jesus seek to know, love, and obey God above all else, and our worship of God is dependent upon our ability to read God’s Word and engage with him through prayer.

Daily Prayer

“God, you are the only one worthy of worship and praise. Show me how to know you better, how to obey your commands, and how to love you with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.”

Pray Regularly.

Prayer is our communication with God and a vital part of our relationship with God. Because of who we are in Christ, we can converse with God anytime, anywhere. God desires for us to approach him in prayer, to express words of praise and thanks giving, to confess our weaknesses and our sin, and to discuss every aspect of our lives, including our needs and wants. Those who are new to prayer or who may be looking for a fresh approach might consider access our prayer page with even more resources.


The Bible is God’s Word. It is the primary way God speaks to us. A daily habit of Bible reading enables us to worship God, commune with him, and obey his commands. Consider starting with one chapter per day in Mark or John, or read a Daily Bible Reading. For additional training and opportunities, visit the City Group page to find a bible study near you.

Read the Bible.

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Worshiper, family member, servant, steward, and witness — that’s what it means to be disciples of Jesus.

Discipleship is growing deeper in the five identities of a disciple and leading others to do the same. How is the Holy Spirit of God calling you to live a life of discipleship? What practices and habits are you cultivating as a worshiper, as a family member, as a servant, as a steward, and as a witness? Who are you teaching to grow as a disciple of Jesus?

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