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When we encounter the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can trust him and become his disciples. “Disciples” is a biblical idea that essentially means “followers.” As his disciples, we commit to following Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God, the eternal King, and the Lord over all, and he is actively at work in the world—transforming us to be more like him and carry out his purposes in our communities.

The church is the family of God—a community of disciples committed to following Jesus together. It’s a part of God’s plan.

5 Identities

The Bible emphasizes at least five identities that clarify what it means to be a disciple. In the New Testament, disciples of Jesus are worshipers of God, members of God’s family, servants to others, stewards of God’s resources, and witnesses to the world.

As worshipers, disciples of Jesus seek to know, love, and obey God above all else.

As family members, disciples of Jesus actively commit to our aspiring multi-ethnic family by cultivating strong, healthy relationships with other family members in our church.

As servants, disciples of Jesus gladly give of themselves for the good of others.

As stewards, disciples of Jesus manage God’s gifts for God’s purposes.

As witnesses, disciples of Jesus strive to proclaim Christ in word and deed.

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Worshiper, family member, servant, steward, and witness — that’s what it means to be disciples of Jesus.

Discipleship is growing deeper in the five identities of a disciple and leading others to do the same. How is the Holy Spirit of God calling you to live a life of discipleship? What practices and habits are you cultivating as a worshiper, as a family member, as a servant, as a steward, and as a witness? Who are you teaching to grow as a disciple of Jesus?

Join our community of disciples
at Awakening Church.

We exist to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening by living the life of a Jesus follower.

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